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Permission and Waiver Form

For On-Line Publication of Grades

By completing the application for this account, you allow the Miles Independent School District (MISD) to make either your grades or your child's grades available to you by means of the Internet on a website that is secure and accessible only by a login password. Only you will be able to see the requested student's grades. Others will not be able to see the information - unless you share your password with them.

MISD will not make your username/password publicly available. The grades of the student posted on the website can be accessed only by someone who knows your username and password.

Be aware, however, that disclosure by MISD, including the contents of the website, may occur in the event such information is required by a court subpoena order, a decision or directive from the Attorney General's office, or other reason required by law.

Please remember that the grades that you see might not include all assignments or tests that have been completed by the student. As teachers complete the grading of assignments and tests, the teachers will update the report. If you have questions about any of these items, please contact the teacher.

If your email address and/or physical address changes, you are responsible for contacting your campus or your child's campus and updating your information.

You may cancel this service, or change your username/password, by contacting the txConnect Site Manager of your campus or your child's campus. By accepting this agreement, I understand and agree that this authorization continues in effect until revoked by me by means of written notice provided to the txConnect Site Manager of our campus or your child's campus.

You understand and agree that MISD is not responsible for Internet access to the student's grade reports by persons who do not have your authorization or consent. By setting up your account and using the system, you waive any claims or causes of action that you may have against MISD by reason of such unauthorized access.